One on One Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Customized success plan for each individual need. We guide and support you along the way!

Pre-Teen and Teen Life Coaching

pre-teen life coaching

We work together with the entire family eco-system in shaping the best fit and road map to guide our future leaders. This is a customized coaching approach where one’s needs are assessed and a curated plan is put into action.

Family Coaching

Life Coaching

Family is the epicentre of day to day lives. It’s an interesting unit; expected to function together yet have individual personalities and goals. We help you navigate through this life journey as a family unit, where each member is empowered to be heard and thrive in their own light. With the specific steps that we formulate together, you’re able to see the progression of the journey and how it applies to each day, for each person.

Workplace Team Coaching

Work Coaching

An average person spends approximately 2000 hours per year in the workplace. The work environment isn’t easy sometimes. It’s a place where we’re faced with challenges while still working together as a team towards a common goal. We guide the entire workplace team to have awareness and the tools in order to have a fruitful culture with a positive mindset. Whether it’s a courageous conversation or giving and receiving feedback – we’re able to tailor the coaching to your needs.